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I’ve written about this before, but I feel that it bears repeating every once in a while because people seem to be afraid to do it. I’m talking about taking the brakes off and cutting the drag lines out of your life. Whether these things that are dragging you down happen to be people, a situation, an item, unnecessary debt, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. If something ruins your day, then it flat-out needs to go.

Let’s take people, for instance. Is there someone in your life who isn’t supportive of you, looks to drag you down, and stands in the way of your success? Then they have gotta hit the bricks. Life’s too short and you’ve got too much to do to be bothered with people like that. Sometimes this person is a friend, family member, or boss. This can make it very difficult to cut them out entirely. If that’s the case, then find ways to minimize your contact with them and especially minimize their ability to influence your life, because they’re going to keep doing it as long as you keep allowing it.

For me, this realization really hit home with regard to some of my clients. Now I love my clients, and that’s mostly because I have a very heavy screening process before I take on new clients. That way the clients I do accept are a good fit to my personality and make my day a joy.

Not my Happy Place.

It didn’t used to be that way. I used to work for a big, shiny corporate America-style gym where I trained who I was told to train, who my Personal Training Director signed up and turned over to me, or who I had to sell hard because I needed to fill my quota or I’d be fired. You know what I ended up with? A handful of cool clients (who I still consider friends to this day) and a bunch of lazy, deadbeat, or off-personality clients that I hated to train just about as much as they hated to come into the gym. I used to get sick to my stomach (literally) in the morning before I went into work as I looked over my schedule. It even ruined me for the good clients as I’d either be dreading the upcoming deadbeat or I’d have just kicked one out the door and still be pissed off.

It sucked.

I finally hit my breaking point when I went out on my own and started taking on anyone interested in training. After all, I was hungry and needed to rebuild a client roster, so if someone wanted some training, I was their man! Wrong. Before long I was in the same exact situation as when I worked for the club except now I had all of the responsibility and no one to blame but myself.

So I nutted out a bit. I freaked out and fired about half of my clients. I wasn’t a total dick, but I explained that I was moving my business in a different direction and would have to find them another trainer (which I did).

Needless to say, this was something I wrestled with for a while before I did it. After all, I take my clients very seriously and even if I was not wild about training them I still cared about their success and wanted to see them reach it.

At that point in my life I was very uncomfortable with confrontation (not that I particularly enjoy it now, but I’ve become more comfortable with it) and I feared this would bring some. Also, this meant that my income took a BIG hit. So there was a lot of stress before I made the decision, but it had to be done or I was going to be out of the business.

Once I finally manned-up and did the dirty the results were amazing. The day I dropped my non-congruent clients I felt like I’d dropped a HUGE stone from my shoulders that I hadn’t even realized I was carrying along with them. I walked out of the gym that day into the warm summer air and felt like doing a backflip (luckily for me, at 260 lbs, I abstained) and holding my head up high. I felt ALIVE and ready to tackle the new challenge of rebuilding my business with ONLY clients I enjoyed. And lo and behold, the types of clients I loved and had the most success training started to appear in droves.

If you’ve got something that’s holding you back, even if dropping it might be a little painful in the short run then you need to cut it loose.

A “friend” who does nothing but get you in trouble and take advantage of you? Kick that fucker to the curb.

A girlfriend who sucks you dry and tells you that you’ll never reach your dreams? Time for a “Dear Jane” talk.

A boss who’s bent on using you as the scapegoat and hold you down? Get another job or build up enough of a safety net to tell him the NEWS.

It’s Make It Happen Monday, y’all. Let’s make it happen.

What’s holding you back that has to go, and how are you going to do it? Or if you’ve done this recently, tell us about it!

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April 4, 2011
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March 28, 2011

pete @ 4:09 pm #

yeah man great post. whether it be in life work school sports etc. if there is that one thing bringing you down, like a shitty ass client a fucked up friend or just someone that spits the negative talk all day. then let them loose. your life is about you and if your just hanging with asses that dont have the same mindset. you might be pulled into the same negative shitty triangle. Thanks Ice!

April 4, 2011

Isaac @ 6:28 pm #

Pete: Right on, man. I think we’ve both seen the power that positive people can have on your life, and you know I don’t mean that hippy, love-everyone, everything-is-awesome, “positive” bullshit. Some of the most positive people we both know are some crude, real dudes!


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