Cooking for Men: Isaac Tackles the Bacon Explosion


So I was bumping around Facebook yesterday and one of my friends posted up a picture and link to The Bacon Explosion. Now, as a good, red-blooded American male, there are a couple of things that I hold sacred:

1. Bacon.

2. Doing things with over-the-top dominance.

This is pretty much the pinnacle of both.

The bacon weave...

I’ll get into the particulars of making the Bacon Explosion in a second, but first I want to talk a bit about some interesting things that are being represented.

Cover in Italian sausage and cheese

1. First of all, the Bacon Explosion is entirely unhealthy, and that’s ok. There will be some pencil-neck who reads this and then gives me shit as a fitness professional for posting this up because it’s not what I would recommend a client eat regularly. Ok, I’ll buy that. However, this isn’t an everyday meal. I don’t have the metabolism that requires that type of calorie load, and even if I did, there are better food choices out there. However, as an occasional gustatory adventure, I’m a firm believer in going nuts. If you train hard in the gym and know how to control your body fat levels, then you know that you can have a good pig-out fest sometimes.

Don't forget the BBQ Rub...

I believe that my life, and this blog as an extension of it, is all about doing awesome stuff and having fun. You certainly can’t question that anything with the words “Bacon” and “Explosion” in it, and especially combined, is going to be both awesome and fun. That, and the guy that criticizes me for posting this up probably has his jock drawn up way too tight. Enough said.

Here’s where it gets cool on a deeper level:

2. Guys, you gotta learn how to cook. It’s a secret to enjoying your life, being “well-rounded”, and women DIG a guy who can cook. Now, I admit that a dish like this generally appeals more to dudes than the average chick, but the skills that you learn cooking “guy food” can definitely carry over to a broader range. I’ve never met a girl that isn’t a bit surprised and thinks it’s amazing when a guy can throw down in the kitchen. So learn that shit.

Time for more bacon

3. This a great example of making things happen. When I saw a link to the recipe on FB this morning I immediately took massive action. It was Friday, which is my “food and beer” night, so after I finished with my last client I headed to the grocery store and grabbed the necessary ingredients, rolled home, and started cooking. No hemming and hawing, no questioning, I just saw the goal and took action.

I know, I’m talking about making a bacon log here, not developing a new business or building a house, but is it really that different? What idea have you had to improve your lifestyle, family, business, or training that you’ve thought of and then put off? When you have a great idea (and you know when one hits you) you need to grab it, scratch out a quick path, and get started on it. That’s what happened here, plus I’ve documented the process and turned it into a blog post. Two birds, one stone, baby.

Wrapped and ready to go in the oven

4. Just do something fun once in a while and let people see it. Too many people take everything they do way too seriously, whether it’s in-person or online. Obviously there’s a point of professionalism that you need to keep up (which will vary depending on your audience and capacity) but there seems to be this fear of showing your true self. That’s bullshit and it’s the road to being unsuccessful and unhappy.

Bosses don’t promote robots that blend into the gray of the crowd. Women don’t date men that don’t differentiate themselves or bring something different to the table. Clients don’t hire you and stay with you because of the piece of paper behind you. People don’t become your friend if you’re a waste of their time. All of these situations are improved when you let your true personality shine through because you become a real person and that’s something that people can trust.

My Bacon Explosion

Now that's All-American, right there!

Ok, so the link I posted has far better directions than any I’m going to give you, but I made a few changes to the recipe that you might appreciate.

1. I mixed shredded sharp cheddar cheese into the Italian sausage. Why? Because what goes better with bacon and sausage than cheddar cheese? Honestly, you shouldn’t have even had to ask that.

2. I didn’t want to get the smoker going, so I rocked it out in the oven for about three hours at a very low temp (225 degrees). I missed out on some of the smokey flavor, but it still worked out pretty slick.

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Post your thoughts below!

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November 6, 2010

Trevor @ 6:03 pm #

I am going to make this for Norwegians, it will blow their minds.

Isaac @ 6:35 pm #

From America with love, baby!

November 7, 2010

April @ 3:49 am #

Holy craap! I’m intrigued…and hungry. I ate fried butter at the fair last night and it was delicious! Apparently, I now have no fear of any foods. We shall bring The Bacon Explosion to Charleston. I’m calling Kim, my PIC, right now and selecting elastic-wasted pants.

Isaac @ 1:36 pm #

Hey girl! How’d I know you’d like this?

I assume they breaded the butter in something? Sweet or savory?

Lisa @ 11:24 pm #

Emma (12 year old) said …….”Wow I have to tell my friend Gabby about that site. She is obsessed with bacon……so it goes……

November 8, 2010

Isaac @ 2:16 pm #

I’m here to spread the word!

Isaac @ 7:56 pm #

November 9, 2010

Chris Dwelle @ 12:22 am #

Dude, that is MANTASTIC! I’m making this right now!!!

Isaac @ 12:47 pm #


Do it up! Speaking of MANTASTIC, have you seen Chandler Marchman’s stuff? Funny dude.

Dig it,


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