Cooking for Men – A Easy-Planning Resource


Long time no post!

There’s been a lot going on in my life… like opening my own training facility! That’s right, Relentless Strength Training has its own home now and the freaks are coming out!

So with that in mind, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts about stuff I’ve got going on (big one next Monday). I’m pretty excited.

Today, though, I want to talk about one of the biggest issues I see with my clients and I KNOW you’re suffering from: Meal planning.

One of my fitness pals, the beautiful Holly, clued me into a pretty awesome resource today that I just had to share with you.

Not Optimal Fuel

As you probably know, I’m all about throwing down in the kitchen. When it comes to building the body and performance you want (let alone having long, healthy life), then eating right is absolutely important. As my friend Tony says, if you’re training hard but eating crap (bad fuel), you’re basically just pissing in your gas tank. Sure, the car will run, but not at its peak.

Now, everyone seems to think that eating good, supportive food means that you’re chowing down on nothing but tuna, plain brown rice, and broccoli six times per day. Well, you can do that. It’s far from ideal for a lot of reasons, both physiologically AND psychologically, but you can do it. If you’re a self-absorbed, self-loathing bodybuilding martyr, that is.

But if you’re a real person, then you want some real food. In addition to prep, that means planning. That’s what most people find daunting: The Planning.

What do I want to eat?

What do I need to get?

How do I make it?

This stuff is a huge pain in the ass. I’ll just order a pizza.

Enter eMeals.

This company will send you a weekly menu, a shopping list (for various stores), and recipes. They have a variety of nutrition plans (including gluten-free, low-carb, etc) and family size plans.

Overall, it’s pretty slick.

In full disclosure, I don’t get paid a dime if you sign up. I’m not in any way connected with the company. I just think it’s a great resource. I don’t know if their meals are dietitian-approved. No idea. They’re not meal plans for competition bodybuilders or hardcore athletes, that much I can see. But it’ll give you some great ideas and take the guesswork out of a lot of your meal planning.

This isn’t one of those shady meal-delivery services that send you the equivalent of a crappy TV dinner that basically starves AND poisons you. eMeals gives you ideas and a shopping list. You go buy and prepare the food yourself, from wherever you like. So you can make modifications (ie more protein, less processed food). And also like I said, there’s nothing in it for me if you sign up, I just thought it was a cool resource to help you out. It’s just one more resource to reduce your excuses for not eating right.

Sign up on the right to get your ass on the path to being strong, lean, and the athlete you dream of being!

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October 3, 2012

Cami Lopez @ 8:09 pm #

I love this: “you’re basically just pissing in your gas tank.” There are so many people that think because they are controlling their calories that those calories can come from anywhere.
If they only would really get the fact that what they put into their bodies makes a huge difference in how they perform, how they feel and the results they get….

October 12, 2012

Isaac @ 12:55 pm #

Cami: Definitely. While overall food intake matters to a point, all that really does is manipulate weight. WHAT you’re eating is way more important!

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