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Last week a popular fitness pro posted up a question on Facebook where he asked what we (as pros) thought about the recent trend towards “muscle confusion” and frequently changing training programs. I didn’t get a chance to respond at the time, but the topic is interesting so I thought I’d stick it out here.
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Last night at the gym I had a great conversation with one of my former professors about life, politics, and success. Like me, he’s a bit on the conservative side so we tend to agree a lot, but regardless of your political leaning, it would be tough to argue with the man’s success. He’s financially stable (I assume), highly educated, loves his job, takes part in lots of fun leisure activities, is civically-active, has a terrific wife, is healthy and fit, and overall seems to be doing pretty well.

We started by discussing a lot of the current issues that our nation seems to be facing today and then shifted more towards challenges that individuals face. We have both come to the conclusion that success is really just a matter of following a formula and it’s a pretty simple one. You ready?
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It’s Wednesday, so that means another Rock My World Wednesday! Today I want to talk about a topic that should, and probably will be in the future, its own post: Haters. Everywhere you go, there are people who are going to try to bring you down for no good reason. Maybe it’s jealousy. Maybe it’s because they think they can elevate their status by making you look bad. Maybe it’s just because they’re too damn bored in their everyday life so they need to stir the pot just to have something to do.
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Our society is an obsessed one. Whether it’s celebrity lifestyles, the latest electronic gadget, or something related to health, we seem unable to have a passing interest. Instead it becomes the focal point of our lives and dominates both our conversations and the airwaves. Seriously, does it really affect your life that the Prince of England is getting married? Let alone where the marriage will take place and WHAT HE’S WEARING? That stuff makes me sick. I guess when life is too easy you can spend time gossiping and waxing poetic over someone else’s wedding rather than, you know, figuring out how to keep your kids warm and EATING.
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Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a seminar with three great strength coaches, Scott Caulfield, Joe Hashey, and James “Smitty” Smith of the Diesel Crew. In addition to picking up a bunch of great little tips and tricks from some of the best minds in the business, it was also great to connect and network with them and some other great coaches. I don’t know about your industry, but in the strength and conditioning world it’s a lot of fun to go to these seminars and hang out with some like-minded people. Read more on One Trick To Gain Strength Instantly!…


Back for another week of Rock My World Wednesday! Sorry I’ve been so quiet with my posting this past week; I’ve been in the lab working on a bunch of stuff behind the scenes, so get ready for some crazy stuff in the near future.

That being said, I have had some time to be impressed with some stuff this week. Without further adieu, let’s get to the fun!
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No matter what a stripper tells you, there’s NO sex in the champagne room.

As many very disappointed young men will tell you, Chris Rock’s words are pure, golden truth. I, of course, couldn’t tell you from experience or anything like that. I’ve only heard things… from people… and stuff.

Moving on… Another sad truth is that the fitness and supplement industry is very similar to the adult “recreational” industry. Both are full of lots of pretty and shiny things, airbrushing, augmentation, and false promises. And hell, both have midgets.

And remember, in both cases, despite what a stripper (fitness “expert”/supplement salesman) tells you, there’s no sex (results) in the Champagne Room.
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Teddy R. No stranger to kicking ass.

In the interest of kicking some ass (remember, I just got re-educated in the field), I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been doing daily with (nearly) religious adherence that have contributed to some asskicking.

None of these things take long, and they’re each going to do what you need to do: Put you one step further ahead.
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Every once in a while you’ll see trainers like me come up with a “XX Mistakes Guys Make In the Gym” article. They’re usually fun and informative, plus if you’ve spent any time in a gym you’ll soon realize that there’s a never-ending supply of fodder for these articles.

So, in light of some of the stuff I’ve seen today in the gym, I’m going to throw one of those articles at you. This one is going to go a little different, though. We’re going to talk about the biggest real problem (ie not talking too damn much to HGOT (Hot Girl On Treadmill) instead of working out) that I see derail the best efforts of most guys when it comes to training.
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*Not a clean, but one hell of a badass picture and close enough!

When you’re as busy as I tend to be it’s important to prioritize and plan your day out. If you don’t you’ll spend the vast majority of your day running around putting out fires and getting nothing done. However, despite the best laid plans of mice and Isaac, life does still manage to get in the way sometimes. Last week I had one of those days where everything just went haywire and I spent my time holding the wagon together in addition to my normal tasks.
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