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Getting bullshit strong and maximizing athletic performance.


In the sports world (and thus the performance training world) speed is king. If all other qualities are equal, speed is going to win out, and to be honest, speed can make up for a lot of other deficiencies on the playing field. I’ve seen athletes and teams that were far less technically sound beat better teams just through out-quicking them. Becoming faster will make you a better athlete, period.

And what if you’re not a competitive athlete? Who cares how fast you are if you’re riding a desk and the only competitive thing you’ve got going on is your Fantasy Baseball draft? If you’re smart, you do! Being fast will make you more athletic in your own workouts or rec league, help improve your physique, establish that confidence that comes from knowing you’re the burner in the room, and plus it’s damn cool. How many times have you heard someone say: “Yeah, he’d be that much more awesome if only he was a bit slower“? Right.
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While every guy seems to care only about building a big chest and arms when he hits the gym there’s very few achievements more visually impressive than a big back. Have a wide, thick back will add depth to your physique, widen you out, and give you more of a presence when you walk into the room. Not only does having a well-developed back look bad-ass as hell, but it also increases your stability on all of your lifts, improves your posture (which makes you look taller and more dominant), and keeps your shoulders healthy. All of these add up to mean that you need to be putting some serious effort into building up your back!

All of my clients develop a bad-ass back very early in their training with me because I feel that it is one of the biggest keys to success in lifting. If they’ve got a big, strong back then they can learn and develop all of the other stuff much faster because they’re starting from a secure launch pad.
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Every so often I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about some of the stuff I’m doing with my clients that is providing ass-kicking results. I’m going to call it “Notes From the Field” as that’s truly what these articles are. They’re not designed to be some great scientific or theoretical discussion about the degrees of elbow flexion or the exact second to dose peri-workout nutrition.

All that stuff is well and good, but it rarely translates to the field.

The things I’m going to talk about are working. Sometimes they’re going to fly in the face of “conventional wisdom” or the latest, newest theory that all of the “experts” are doing. That’s fine. I know my clients are getting stronger, faster, setting records, and looking better than ever.

Here’s a sneak peak into what we’re doing.
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There’s a lot that goes into being a man in today’s society and being good at it. If you’re really trying to maximize your potential in life (and if you’re not, then why are you here?) then you should be consistently growing in all areas of your life. You should be learning and improving your mind regularly. You should be examining your life and your ideals and further defining yourself. And you should be developing the strongest, fittest body that you can.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but if strength training isn’t a fixture in your life then here are some things to think about:
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Picking up chicks with your nutrition plan?

I’m a little pissed off, so let’s talk nutrition and all this bullshit that comes along with it.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been dieting lately to lean down. I talked a little bit about how I’ve been doing it in my interview with Chris Beardsley. Anyway, this weekend in Jersey I officially (and intentionally) went off the wagon. I used my weekend as a mental break from all things dieting and what was going on back home. I didn’t train, I ate a bunch of crap, and I just focused on learning, building my business, and having fun.
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I was just interviewed by Chris Beardsley at the very cool blog! Want to learn a bit more about me and how I do things? Check it out!


courtesy of Calvin and HobbesOk, so this time of year I can be a little bit of a jerk. Granted, I can be a little jerky the rest of the year too, but this time of year really gets to me. Why? Because I work in the fitness business.

And you know what happens during January in the fitness business…
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While I’m not a big fan of the “New Year’s Resolution” (just wait for tomorrow’s blog post…) I am a fan of the idea that it represents:

Taking care of business and making changes.

After all, nobody says “This year, I resolve to do exactly what I am doing now and that’s it”. Or, if they do, then to be honest they kind of suck. Instead, the New Year’s Resolution is rooted in the idea of improvement, and that’s the name of the game around here. So without more preamble here’s what’s got me rocking…
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Hey guys, welcome to another edition of Rock My World Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but this is a busy time of year for me and there’s been a ton of stuff getting me going. And on that note…
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Ok, so the question of the day is “what do you think about constantly changing programs who shoot for “muscle confusion” (their words) as opposed to linearly-progressing overload-type programs. Yesterday I went over the three primary systems involved in training, their roles, and very loosely how they’re trained. In case you missed it, check it out here.
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