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Getting bullshit strong and maximizing athletic performance.


Everyone hits the gym with different goals and priorities, but when you boil things down to the most basic, why-are-you-here level the truth is thatmost dudes are in the gym because they want to build muscle and lose fat. Sure, you may have certain number goals, health ideals, or even use the iron as your stress relief, but the bottom line is that probably you want to be lean and jacked as a result of all of that hard work.

Given that I have the luxury of the bird’s eye view on a large sample population’s attempts at achieving the aforementioned “Lean and Jacked” state, I have a few insights into some common screw-ups in the quest for Jacked-hood.

In no particular order, here’s three basic things that you can do to be bigger and leaner, faster.
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You know how every once in a while you “discover”, or are reminded of, something that you knew and realized that what you were doing was stupid? You know, the moments resulting in a “duh” moment and feeling like the world’s biggest dummy?

For example, I always think I can sneak a black shirt into the dryer with my whites and it won’t get covered with white lint because “it’s just one shirt and I don’t have any towels in there”. Fast-forward to a hour later and I’m wearing a shirt that makes me look like I’m growing mold.

Other than my laundry disasters, I had another one of those moments a little while back and it’s something I see others do pretty often, actually.
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I was recently asked a question regarding athleticism in adults and competitors that I thought was pretty interesting. It was “what is the number one most important, across-the-board athletic skill?“. Wow, now that’s a pretty loaded question.

I mean, we’re not taking into account what type of athlete, their overall program, the individualism of the athlete, the sport-specific demands, and all sorts of other stuff. So after a long and angry argument within my head (trust me, there are voices, and they’re pretty much all angry) I came up with a pretty solid conclusion.

We can talk all day about developing athletic skills, getting stronger, faster, learning the finer points of the Box Squat versus the Zercher Squat, but there’s one athletic skill that I think is necessary for any and all athletes and weekend warriors out there to become proficient in:
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Hey all, sorry I’ve been a little slack with the communications lately. I’ve been working on some big projects, both in the online business and especially in the local business, that have been sucking a bunch of time lately. That being said, when they’re done they’re going to be, as my mentor Paul Reddick so eloquently puts it, “The Tits”.

Enough about that. I’ve got some stuff in the tank for the rest of the week, but today I wanted to highlight an article and an interview that you might have missed.
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Hey all, just a short post today with a great video that rolled across my desk.

It’s only a minute and a half, so watch it. Ray Lewis, one of the greatest inside linebackers in history, talks about what’s made him successful and set him apart: Effort.

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I received an email the other day from a guy who wanted to know my “best tips on gaining muscle but staying athletic”. Well, I have to be honest and say that he’s picked a pretty broad topic that would be hard to answer in a simple email without knowing a lot more about who I was talking to. That being said, one thing I definitely appreciated was that he asked about gaining muscle (good) and staying (or I suppose becoming) athletic (even better).

Look, outside of professional bodybuilding (and there are some exceptions there, too) there is NO reason for a guy to become stiff, slow, and sluggish while building more muscle. Think about it: Muscle mass contributes to strength. Strength is one of the primary contributing factors to power. More strength should, unless you’re doing something very wrong, lead to more power. More power then translates to more athleticism.

Simple, right? And honestly, what dude in his right mind says that he wants to be “less athletic”? None.

Memo to the dudes with the clown pants and gallon water jug: Stiff, slow, and slack-jawed is no way to go through life.
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While I’m obviously a big fan of making major changes to create massive success, sometimes it’s the little things that smooth the path for the major changes and get the ball rolling.

Let’s say you’re looking to drop some body fat.  Now this could be a simple spare tire tune up of just shedding a few pounds or it could be the kickstart of a major fat loss diet.  Regardless of the scale of what you’re trying to accomplish, here’s a few simple things you can start doing today to lose fat fast.
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Every coach has their own ideas about what’s the best time to cycle movements. These ideas can range from the dumbass ACE-certified globo-gym trainer that says “You gotta change it up to keep the body guessing!” to the Devout Westside Follower who maintains that you must cycle movements every week and “blast the muscle for assistance work” (without taking into account the training age of the guy he’s advising) all the way to the old school football coach who says you need to “squat, bench, and power clean/deadlift” and when that stops working the answer is to… “Squat, bench, and power clean/deadlift”.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to setting up a training schedule.
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I hope you had a good weekend, I know I did. The college football season has started, and this past Saturday saw wins by Michigan, Nebraska, and ‘Bama, so I’ve been pretty well residing in my Happy Place since then…
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Ok, I’ll come right out and admit it: I hate training my abs/core/midsection/whatever you want to call it.

I mean I hate it like I hate going into a Walmart near the first of the month. Hate it. Traditionally ab training tends to be longer than it needs to be, frustrating, somewhat painful, and has you lying on the floor like an idiot (like the afore-mentioned Walmart trip). I’ve always hated it and I know that a lot of other guys do, too.

There are lots of people who maintain that you don’t need to train your abs at all and that simply “squatting and deadlifting heavy” should be all the abdominal training you need. While that probably works for some of the bodybuilders out there who don’t actually have to do anything with their abs other than stare obsessively at them in the mirror, I don’t know a serious strength athlete or competitive athlete who can get away without performing some dedicated midsection training, or at least operate at peak power.

Trust me, I’ve tried.
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