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There are a handful of questions that I get as a trainer on a regular basis. Easily among the top two or three is “What supplements should I be taking?”.

In my experience this question comes from one of three places.

Number One: The person who has a goal, be it losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing or reducing body hair, or making their jungle parts the stuff of legend, and wants it NOW and with minimal effort.

Number Two: The person who is already taking some sort of exotic rare bird paste and wants me to back up what the crackpot at the hippie Health Food Store/Supplement Store/Witchdoctor said.
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Long time no post!

There’s been a lot going on in my life… like opening my own training facility! That’s right, Relentless Strength Training has its own home now and the freaks are coming out!

So with that in mind, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts about stuff I’ve got going on (big one next Monday). I’m pretty excited.

Today, though, I want to talk about one of the biggest issues I see with my clients and I KNOW you’re suffering from: Meal planning.
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One of the cool things about being in the business group I’m in is that I get to meet some of the best trainers in the country, pick their brains, and then share that info with you guys. Today I’ve got a guest post from one of these superstar trainers – Joe Carabase. When it comes to getting lean, building an awesome physique, AND being able to do some impressive stuff, Joe’s got it down.

So here’s how Joe sees exercising for a USEFUL set of six-pack abs.
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build muscle lose fat fastI had a meeting today with one of my consultation clients and as is often the case, our conversation revolved around one of the biggest issues I see when people want to get strong, lean, and be bad mothers.

*****by that I mean “Bad Mothers” in the Samuel L. Jackson sense, not like the Dateline sense… which pretty much just takes some cocaine and a drug-dealer boyfriend.*****

Anyway, this guy wants to be the biggest, baddest, and leanest dude on the block.  He’s already big as hell, pretty strong, and athletic.  Those parts are covered.  Now it’s time to get him shredded.

He’s been dieting for a while (successfully) but now has hit a bit of a plateau.  The fat just isn’t coming off anymore.  Needless to say, he’s frustrated.

The thing is, he’s doing everything right.
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This weekend I had the good fortune to get together with some buddies and have a brewing party for this coming year’s Oktoberfest beer. I don’t know if you’ve ever actually brewed beer before but it’s a fair little undertaking, especially for the home brewer trying to do about 30 gallons at a time. Given that we also tend towards “seat of our pants” operations, it goes without saying that the whole beer brewing adventure was a string of minor emergencies from start to finish. And, like all good disaster situations, there were some things to be learned if you kept your eyes open.

One of the first steps in the process is grinding about 50 pounds of grain so that it can be used in the as the base. With an old school hand grinder, this turned out to be a much more substantial undertaking than we’d envisioned. There were some sad faces as realization started to set in that it was looking like it could be a very long morning of delay and sore elbows for everyone until my client Lee channeled his inner Marine: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome
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One of the great and at the same time frustrating things about starting a site like this from scratch is that unless you’re already very well-known then you spend a fair amount of time writing to very little traffic (thanks for reading, Mom!). Eventually, assuming that you’re good and/or entertaining, your work will pick up steam and you’ll develop a solid readership base. That’s always gratifying and it’s why you started publishing in the first place, right? I mean, if I were writing all of this stuff just to get it off my chest or merely as a therapeutic expression of my inner self (I’m not nearly so pretentious) then I’d never publish.

However, that’s not the case. This is both my voice and a business for me, and so I put it out there. I’m pretty stoked that anyone reads it at all, honestly. The frustrating thing about blogging is that there’s a while where you’re writing what needs to be good content (to attract people) but nobody’s reading because you’re unknown. And since most people don’t have time to dig through tons and tons of blog posts (I sure don’t) your new readers tend to pick up where they land. This is all well and good, but it means that they’ve missed out on a lot of good stuff.

So in light of that, and because there’s been a lot of new readers ’round these parts lately combined with the fact that I just passed my 100th post, I’ve decided that it might be a good time to catch up on some classic articles that you guys might have missed.

So I cranked up the Way Back Machine (kudos to you if you get that reference) and pulled out a handful of articles that I thought deserved a second read. Cheers.
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Everyone hits the gym with different goals and priorities, but when you boil things down to the most basic, why-are-you-here level the truth is thatmost dudes are in the gym because they want to build muscle and lose fat. Sure, you may have certain number goals, health ideals, or even use the iron as your stress relief, but the bottom line is that probably you want to be lean and jacked as a result of all of that hard work.

Given that I have the luxury of the bird’s eye view on a large sample population’s attempts at achieving the aforementioned “Lean and Jacked” state, I have a few insights into some common screw-ups in the quest for Jacked-hood.

In no particular order, here’s three basic things that you can do to be bigger and leaner, faster.
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The strength and fitness game is full of all kinds of arguments and controversy. Olympic lifting versus Powerlifting. Running versus Strength Training. High-carbs versus Atkins. Vegans versus Everyone Else.

So much controversy.

There is, however, one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on:

If you want to reach your physique goals, you’d better be eating like it’s your job.

Since I love to cook (that’s right, ladies… all of my amazing qualities and I cook) and try out new meals I was on the prowl for something that would be manly and yet would satisfy my weekend hunger.

The problem?
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Hey all, sorry I’ve been a little slack with the communications lately. I’ve been working on some big projects, both in the online business and especially in the local business, that have been sucking a bunch of time lately. That being said, when they’re done they’re going to be, as my mentor Paul Reddick so eloquently puts it, “The Tits”.

Enough about that. I’ve got some stuff in the tank for the rest of the week, but today I wanted to highlight an article and an interview that you might have missed.
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First of all, I’d like to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving if you’re from the ‘States. If you’re not, then you’re missing out and I recommend that you celebrate it anyway. Here’s the down-low: In America we get together on the last Thursday in November to celebrate family, friends, and the other things we’re thankful for. This is punctuated by a harvest feast involving turkey, vegetables, and pie. We also layer on an outstanding helping of football on because we’re Americans and nothing says “thankful” like watching one one of the world’s greatest sports. Like I said, you’re missing out and I’d jump on the bandwagon if I were you.

So in honor of that, I’m thankful for the blessings I’ve received in my life. I’ve been given opportunity, great friends and family, good health, an outstanding sense of humor, and a desire to help others… in my own special way. Honestly, that makes me rich beyond belief already.

In the spirit of what all trainers do on Thanksgiving, I’m going to clue you in to one of my best Turkey Day Survival Tips.
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