Notes From the Field


When it comes to program design, lots of people break down not so much on the sets and reps but on the exercise choices themselves. With all of the information and marketing out there it seems like there are simply too many to choose from! For example, I just sat here and thought of push-up variations. In under two minutes I wrote down 37. I’m pretty sure I could get that number to 100 in 5-10 minutes.

Now granted, I probably spend much more time thinking about push-ups than the average person, but anyone that’s been in a gym for any length of time could probably come up with about a dozen pretty quickly. And that’s just for the simple push-up! Do you really need 100 different types of push-ups?

You can see where people can become caught in the weeds.
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Hey all, sorry I’ve been a little slack with the communications lately. I’ve been working on some big projects, both in the online business and especially in the local business, that have been sucking a bunch of time lately. That being said, when they’re done they’re going to be, as my mentor Paul Reddick so eloquently puts it, “The Tits”.

Enough about that. I’ve got some stuff in the tank for the rest of the week, but today I wanted to highlight an article and an interview that you might have missed.
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Every coach has their own ideas about what’s the best time to cycle movements. These ideas can range from the dumbass ACE-certified globo-gym trainer that says “You gotta change it up to keep the body guessing!” to the Devout Westside Follower who maintains that you must cycle movements every week and “blast the muscle for assistance work” (without taking into account the training age of the guy he’s advising) all the way to the old school football coach who says you need to “squat, bench, and power clean/deadlift” and when that stops working the answer is to… “Squat, bench, and power clean/deadlift”.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of confusion out there when it comes to setting up a training schedule.
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It’s about time for another edition of my Notes From the Field series. Here’s where I let loose with some of the experiments and techniques I’ve been using with my clients to get monster results. Make no mistake about it, though, this isn’t eggheaded lab rat shit. This is the real world stuff that’s making my clients real world strong.
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Every so often I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about some of the stuff I’m doing with my clients that is providing ass-kicking results. I’m going to call it “Notes From the Field” as that’s truly what these articles are. They’re not designed to be some great scientific or theoretical discussion about the degrees of elbow flexion or the exact second to dose peri-workout nutrition.

All that stuff is well and good, but it rarely translates to the field.

The things I’m going to talk about are working. Sometimes they’re going to fly in the face of “conventional wisdom” or the latest, newest theory that all of the “experts” are doing. That’s fine. I know my clients are getting stronger, faster, setting records, and looking better than ever.

Here’s a sneak peak into what we’re doing.
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