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Last night at the gym I had a great conversation with one of my former professors about life, politics, and success. Like me, he’s a bit on the conservative side so we tend to agree a lot, but regardless of your political leaning, it would be tough to argue with the man’s success. He’s financially stable (I assume), highly educated, loves his job, takes part in lots of fun leisure activities, is civically-active, has a terrific wife, is healthy and fit, and overall seems to be doing pretty well.

We started by discussing a lot of the current issues that our nation seems to be facing today and then shifted more towards challenges that individuals face. We have both come to the conclusion that success is really just a matter of following a formula and it’s a pretty simple one. You ready?
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Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a seminar with three great strength coaches, Scott Caulfield, Joe Hashey, and James “Smitty” Smith of the Diesel Crew. In addition to picking up a bunch of great little tips and tricks from some of the best minds in the business, it was also great to connect and network with them and some other great coaches. I don’t know about your industry, but in the strength and conditioning world it’s a lot of fun to go to these seminars and hang out with some like-minded people. Read more on One Trick To Gain Strength Instantly!…


So I was bumping around Facebook yesterday and one of my friends posted up a picture and link to The Bacon Explosion. Now, as a good, red-blooded American male, there are a couple of things that I hold sacred:

1. Bacon.

2. Doing things with over-the-top dominance.

This is pretty much the pinnacle of both.
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Every once in a while you’ll see trainers like me come up with a “XX Mistakes Guys Make In the Gym” article. They’re usually fun and informative, plus if you’ve spent any time in a gym you’ll soon realize that there’s a never-ending supply of fodder for these articles.

So, in light of some of the stuff I’ve seen today in the gym, I’m going to throw one of those articles at you. This one is going to go a little different, though. We’re going to talk about the biggest real problem (ie not talking too damn much to HGOT (Hot Girl On Treadmill) instead of working out) that I see derail the best efforts of most guys when it comes to training.
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Man, let me tell you what. I just got back from a life-changing weekend on the Jersey Shore. No, I didn’t party with Snookie, as life-changing as that might have been. Instead I was at an ocean-front resort locked in a conference room for two days with about 30 of the best veteran and up-and-coming fitness professionals in the business. We were getting some knowledge bombs dropped on us from Paul Reddick and Zach Even-esh, learning about lifestyle design, business, and in general how to kick tail at what was appropriately titled the “How To Kick Ass” seminar (HTKA).

Now, most of what we went over is off-limits to share. This was a no-recording, closed-door event and as they say “What happens on the Shore, stays on the Shore”. But I did make some observations that will help you guys take your game to the next level and crush it. I want to share those with you.
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I had the good fortune to attend a wedding this past weekend. I know, you probably all assumed that Isaac (aka Mr. McCrabby) would rather die than attend a wedding. However, I think you need to look at the positives:

-Assuming the wedding is a good idea you’ve got a great couple making a great decision together.
-Great food.
-Lots of people you’ve never met.
-A chance to rock a suit. What man doesn’t feel better in a suit? If you don’t, then get your ass to the gym.
-Dance floor.
-Lots of well-dressed women trying hard to look their best and be seen.

So, as long as it’s a good couple (it was) and a non-pain-in-the-ass ceremony (it was) then I really think that you have to look at weddings as a potentially great time.

In addition to just having a good time while I was there I participated freely in one of my favorite sports: People Watching.
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A while back I was chatting about life and our current culture with one of my clients. This guy is one of the most successful and yet wise and down to earth guys I’ve ever met. He’s lived hard and he’s lived easy. He’s a guy who’s largely made his life into what he wants. He trains his ass off with me and at almost 50 years old and with a lifetime collection of injuries that should almost put him in a wheelchair he’d run 98% of 20 year-olds into the ground on will alone.

He said to me “You know, a while back you said one of the most pivotal things of our relationship and you probably don’t even realize it”. He was right, I couldn’t imagine what I’d said that was so profound, so I had to ask him to clue me in.
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“Man, he’s so lucky that he was born rich”

“Oh, well, you have a fast metabolism so you don’t have to worry about getting fat”

“That guy doesn’t deserve her (but I do)!”

Do any of those sentences sound familiar? I bet you hear them every day or maybe you even say them yourself. Envy, jealousy, begrudging, resentful, whatever you call it, it’s the same thing: Bullshit.
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If there’s one thing in the gym that every guy does, it’s be bench press. Every Monday in the gym is International Bench Press Day. Every third question asked in the topic of weight training is “how much ya bench?”. Every guy has that embarrassing “I had to have some random guy pull the bar off my chest” story. I know because I’m that random guy that pulls the bar off of some fool’s chest at least once per week.
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When I sat down to start this blog, after a lot of introspection on whether to write it in the first place, I had to decide what I really wanted to say.  So, without further preamble, here it is:

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