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Late last week I was bouncing some business ideas back and forth with my boy and Mastermind Brother Chris Reed.

*****A side note: If you’re anywhere near Toronto, Canada I have a couple of key pieces of advice:

1. Get a parka.

2. You NEED to check my boy Chris and his facility out. It’s pretty rare you find a trainer that can bring the holistic (mental, physical, and spiritual) element of true fitness and combine it with legit, tough-as-nails training. He can.


Anyway, so I was kicking some ideas around with Chris and he hit me with probably the biggest shot of wisdom I’d received that day:
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I was thinking the other day about the positive and negative attributes of my friends… Yes, I’m that guy.

My sociopathic behavior aside, it jumped out at me that one of my buddies possesses a great quality: He commits to action when he needs to and flows immediately from situation to decision.

He, like all of us, has his share of flaws and, like any good friend should, I inform him of them as frequently as possible. However, when the chips are down you can always count on him to do something.
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There’s some stuff that we’re not supposed to talk about in the fitness business. We’re supposed to tell everyone to do some stuff, make some changes, and that everything will be rosy.

That’s cool. Rosy sells.

However, there’s another side to that. There’s a side to it I probably shouldn’t be telling you as it could definitely hurt my career and people’s opinion of me.

Screw it. Time to spill the beans.
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All around you there’s a conflict going on. I’m not talking about the wars, the protests, or the “movements” that the newscasters spend their time crowing about, filled with false dismay and barely-concealed glee. Such matters as these are the domain of nations and groups. Instead I’m talking about something far more subversive and inclusive to us all. I’m talking about a conflict within our society, and like it or not you’re smack dab in the middle of it. In fact, if I were to wager, as a reader of this site you’re very clearly on one side over the other.
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There’s a situation that I’m seeing a lot of and quite frankly, it’s frustrating to me. I see it happening in the gym. I see it when I talk to people on the street. *****Ok, I don’t actually talk to people on the street because I’m kind of jerky, but I talk to people at various places throughout my day***** I definitely see it happen online.

I’m talking about a HUGE disparity between what people profess that they want to achieve and their actual day-to-day behaviors. I just don’t get it.
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First of all, before I get to today’s Make It Happen Monday, I want to thank you all for voting in the 2011 Rising Stars of the Fitness Industry contest! Thanks to you all I placed in the top 25! I’m humbled, honored, and thankful for all of your support!

Thanks again, and on to today’s lesson!
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A challenge that my clients, myself, and lots of other people deal with frequently is lack of focus. This happens a lot before doing work you’ve been trying to avoid, a particularly important performance, or even just throughout the day. While it’s easy to say “just focus”, putting the “just focus” advice into practice is not always achievable.
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Last night we experienced the closest thing the state of Maine has had to a hurricane in quite some time. Despite warnings from the meteorologists and other assorted media hysteria-mongers, Hurricane Irene limped into the state as a tropical storm, dropped a fair amount of rain and blew over a few trees. This resulted in some power outages and general inconvenience for everyone, but didn’t really cause a ton of heavy damage here.

Other areas of the East Coast didn’t get off so lightly, but in general Irene didn’t live up to the hype that was built around it. Such is the way of media and sometimes (luckily) the way of storms. Having spent time in the southern U.S., I am a little more aware of what hurricanes can do (and I didn’t even go through a major one when I was down there) than a lot of my northern neighbors tend to be. So in light of different perspectives, it’s been interesting to watch the build up to the storm and how people are reacting.
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I don’t get into politics on this blog on a regular basis and I’m not going to start.  However, that doesn’t mean that I am not aware of general politics and I don’t spend a little bit of time reading about them. This is something that I feel that any man living in a democracy (call the United States what you want, but that’s the goal) should do. After all, if you’re not aware of what’s going on, it is irresponsible to wield the sword of power with your vote.

Anyway, a couple of my friends posted up a great article/opinion piece written today by Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller fame.
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A few days ago I posted a quick question to my Facebook Page
which read:

“What is one thing the (now older and wiser) you of today would like to tell the you of 5, 10, or 15 years ago… assuming that young you would actually follow the advice?”

I got some great responses (great enough to post it to my personal page, too, for more input) and some of them got me thinking about what I’d say myself. I honestly hadn’t thought of any of my own answers when I posed the question as I was curious about others’ thoughts. However, given that I went ahead and asked, I guess it’s only fair that I come up with my own answers.
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