Make It Happen Monday


Ok, there’s something that you’ve been wrestling with for a while now. You’ve done your research. You’ve weighed your options. You’ve made your list of pros and cons.
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When it comes to making progress and crafting your life there are always some stumbling blocks along the way. Other than just pure fear of taking action, there’s one in particular that seems to hang people up, but in fact is just about the lamest excuse out there: Lack of Knowledge.

How often do you hear some guy say “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how”? What he’s really saying is “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how and I’m too lazy to find out and then I’ll be out a convenient excuse for my inaction”.

If you’re using the “don’t know how” excuse to explain why you’re not doing something then all you’re doing is lying to yourself and the people you’re feeding that line to, plain and simple.

Well, I’m going to pull the bullshit rug out from underneath you and give you some quick-start tips on acquiring the know-how you need.
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Today I want to talk about the biggest reason why most men aren’t successful. It has nothing to do with their brain power. What station they were born into in life doesn’t even compare. The money in their pocket isn’t even a factor compared to this. Neither is their looks, their way with words, or their friendships.

Nope. While all of those things can have a big or small effect on your success, they aren’t the number one factor.
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