Farm Strong Friday


When it comes to program design, lots of people break down not so much on the sets and reps but on the exercise choices themselves. With all of the information and marketing out there it seems like there are simply too many to choose from! For example, I just sat here and thought of push-up variations. In under two minutes I wrote down 37. I’m pretty sure I could get that number to 100 in 5-10 minutes.

Now granted, I probably spend much more time thinking about push-ups than the average person, but anyone that’s been in a gym for any length of time could probably come up with about a dozen pretty quickly. And that’s just for the simple push-up! Do you really need 100 different types of push-ups?

You can see where people can become caught in the weeds.
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I have many lusts and flirtations in the gym, but I have one true love, and that is the Deadlift. Well, ok, sometimes I cheat on the Deadlift with the Good Morning, but being asked to choose between the two is like picking between Jessica Biel and… I don’t know, her equally-athletic redheaded sister (if she has one of those, be kind and don’t tell me.)? Either way, some decisions are just against nature.
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I had a client this week comment that the training we do doesn’t just get you gym strong; it gets you “farm strong”. By that he meant that we don’t just turn people into weight room warriors, but we make you real world strong and give you abilities that you can apply. Needless to say, I took it as a compliment.

As an example of the difference, the NFL Combine just took place. If you live under a rock and somehow enjoy this blog but not football (really?) the Combine is basically a showcase of athletes showing off gym athletic skills that scouts use in an attempt to evaluate college players towards their future pro carriers. There’s no real football involved, but lots of sprint, jump, lifting, and position-specific drill testing.
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