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Today I’m going to give you a simple and effective tool that you can use to increase your productivity, improve your mood, stop procrastination, crush confusion, and bring you closer to your goals. I adapted this idea from one of Paul Reddick’s tips and ran with it to create my own success object. I call it a “Vision Board”. I spoke a bit about creating a vision board briefly in my post 5 Ways to Kick Ass Every Day, and I received some emails that prompted me to go into more detail, so here you go.
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Teddy R. No stranger to kicking ass.

In the interest of kicking some ass (remember, I just got re-educated in the field), I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been doing daily with (nearly) religious adherence that have contributed to some asskicking.

None of these things take long, and they’re each going to do what you need to do: Put you one step further ahead.
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When I sat down to start this blog, after a lot of introspection on whether to write it in the first place, I had to decide what I really wanted to say.  So, without further preamble, here it is:

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