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When it comes to making progress and crafting your life there are always some stumbling blocks along the way. Other than just pure fear of taking action, there’s one in particular that seems to hang people up, but in fact is just about the lamest excuse out there: Lack of Knowledge.

How often do you hear some guy say “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how”? What he’s really saying is “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how and I’m too lazy to find out and then I’ll be out a convenient excuse for my inaction”.

If you’re using the “don’t know how” excuse to explain why you’re not doing something then all you’re doing is lying to yourself and the people you’re feeding that line to, plain and simple.

Well, I’m going to pull the bullshit rug out from underneath you and give you some quick-start tips on acquiring the know-how you need.
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I don’t know how many of you have seen the new Onion News Network stuff, but it’s a freaking riot. They’re doing a great job with it.

This little gem came across my path yesterday and I have to share it because it’s totally true. Comedy has long been a great vehicle for talking about serious topics and I can think of no more serious topic than how you lead your life and what you do with your opportunities.
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I was having dinner and a drink last week with a beautiful and talented (I know she reads this blog and I’m not stupid) female friend. Over the course of the evening we talked about a variety of topics and at one point the conversation turned briefly to her recently-ended relationship.
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Today I want to talk about the biggest reason why most men aren’t successful. It has nothing to do with their brain power. What station they were born into in life doesn’t even compare. The money in their pocket isn’t even a factor compared to this. Neither is their looks, their way with words, or their friendships.

Nope. While all of those things can have a big or small effect on your success, they aren’t the number one factor.
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Red is actually the man, but his image will work for this post.

After our workout last night I had a great conversation with my rock star client (seriously, she really is a rock star, with a grad degree in Chemistry… talk about awesome) about life, growing up, doing things, and moving on. It really brought some stuff to the forefront of my mind that I’ve been chewing on for a while and so here we go:
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This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Sea Girt, NJ, smack-dab in the middle of the Jersey Shore to take part in a closed-door, intensive business mastermind with some of the best upcoming fitness professionals. This was a mastermind built out of the HTKA Seminar I attended last October.

In addition to learning more from my mentors and networking with other fitness pros, the true draw of a mastermind is the hour we each had in the “hot seat”. The hot seat time is where the entire group was focused on a single member’s business. We focused on the successes that were working, what wasn’t working, where the business was headed, and developing an action plan for that person.

Since this was a closed-door event, I’m not going to get into the specifics of the individuals’ cases, but let’s just say that it was no-holds-barred, honest (brutally at times), and focused on advancing each individual’s success. It was definitely NOT focused on keeping their feelings warm and fuzzy.
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I was just interviewed by Chris Beardsley at the very cool blog! Want to learn a bit more about me and how I do things? Check it out!


Ok, so everyone does the “Best of XXXX year”, “Worst of XXXX year”, etc lists right around the New Year. I have to tell you; They’re my guilty pleasure. Sure, most of them tend to be trash (especially the song/movie/cupcake, etc ones), but sometimes there are some real quality observations to be found floating around this time of year.

Plus, I am at times nostalgic and I love lists, so I suppose it makes sense that I’d be all over these “End of the Year” lists like a fat kid on a cupcake (any one of the Top 10 Cupcakes will do).

So with all that being said, rather than buck the trend, I figured I’d jump right in. You won’t find “Top Ten Exercises” or “Isaac’s Failed Pick-up Lines of the Year” (I’m not THAT nostalgic) here, though. Instead I’m simply going to go through a few points that 2010 really hammered home for me. Several of them were ideas that I thought I knew or had embraced, only to find that I wasn’t living it. 2010 was one of the best years of my life, and I owe it to really getting some of these ideas pounded home through my thick skull.
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First of all, I hope that you had a great holiday season.

I didn’t do anything too exciting, just enjoyed spending time with friends and family. I did maintain my yearly tradition of watching the best and most classy of Christmas films: Bad(der) Santa. It was a great, relaxing holiday and just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully yours was equally refreshing.
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I’ve been talking a lot about success lately with some of my friends and a couple of my business mentors. There seems to be a handful of different categories that people can fall into when it comes to success.
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