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After a conversation while out to dinner this weekend one of the other trainers at the gym, Tony (he of the uncontrollably attractive ponytail… just ask him) posted up a killer video on my Facebook wall. In the brief clip Sylvester Stallone talks about “the switch” that happens when it’s time to go from having fun to making things happen.

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Check it out:

After you realize that he’s talking about one of the great Man Movies of American cinema, Over the Top, pay attention to what he says about “The Switch”.
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A little while back the owner of the Crossfit facility I run my business out of received an interesting and angry email. The woman who wrote it aggressively expressed no desire to join the facility, had never participated in Crossfit, didn’t know the owner personally, and yet was writing an email to say that she was never going to join a facility like that.

Just in case you missed it, I’ll boil it down a bit: This woman spent a fair amount of time writing a lengthy email stating why she would never join this gym.

Thanks for your opinion, but if you’re not coming here, then… Who cares?
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I’ve posted a video of Ray Lewis (Pro Bowl Inside ‘Backer for the Ravens) giving an inspirational speech about effort before. The man is a great player and inspirational speaker, that much is obvious.

Another video clip just went up showing that he’s being a great leader as well.

The Ravens didn’t win this past weekend. New England beat them to go to the Super Bowl. It could be contended that the Ravens played better than the Patriots, but the bottom line is that neither team played to perfection and the score didn’t fall in their favor.
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It’s the second of January. The first “real” day of the New Year.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to piss in someone’s corn flakes.

Not only is this the time of year for some bubbly, obnoxious noise makers, questionably-legal-pyrotechnic burns, and poor decision-making, it’s also the time of year that the gyms are packed, cigarettes are crumpled, and vices are emphatically thrown down. Yippee.
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One of my buddies from South Carolina had a pretty cool project a while back called LifeWOD. He doesn’t update it as much anymore, but it’s a pretty awesome idea.

*****For those who don’t know, the CrossFit culture uses the term “WOD” as an acronym for “Workout Of the Day“. Various specific training iterations like mobility or strength are likewise termed “mobilityWOD”, “strengthWOD”, etc. See where I’m going with that?*****

Anyway, as you can see if you click on the link, he built this blog up as an exercise where you did one thing every day to improve your life. Pretty awesome stuff.

For Make It Happen Monday I’m going to hold you to a higher standard than that, though. Instead of just one thing, I’m going to give you three things to do today that will improve your life this week. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, if you do these things then you will be living better.

Ready for some black magic, deep down, mysterious, super life-enhancing, ninja shit?

Ok, here you go:
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Towards the end of last week I spent a few moments reflecting on some times in my life and out of the blue I remembered a conversation that I’d pretty much forgotten about but definitely shaped my life. It was early in my training career and I was straight-up struggling. I knew how to train people (although I’m much better now, just like I’ll be much better in a few years) but I just couldn’t convert that knowledge to cash.  Even though I was the best trainer in the facility I was working at, I was dead last (I think, or at least should have been) when it came to number of clients and sales.

I was one of those trainers that had the book knowledge, and even some time under the bar myself, and was full of passion about getting people fit and strong, but I just couldn’t sell. Now, to be a great trainer you don’t need to be a great salesman, but if you can’t sell at all then you don’t have anyone to train. It’s that simple.  This was the shitty situation I was in.

So I went to someone I trusted and expressed my concerns and frustration.

The response?
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Hey all! My boy Andreas, owner of The Blog For Stronger Men, shot me a line a little while back and wanted to talk a bit about my stance on living the Strength Lifestyle. Since I jump at the chance to get up on my soapbox, I figured this was a go.

Needless to say, we had a great time on the phone, and decided to record it!

Here’s the link to the interview. We get into success, mental focus, and goal setting, plus a whole bunch of other stuff. Give it a listen and then check out The Blog For Stronger Men.

Listen Here!

To download the interview for your Ipod or whatever, Right Click Here and Hit “Save As”!

Post your thoughts up below so we can get some discussion going about this!


Hey all, just a short post today with a great video that rolled across my desk.

It’s only a minute and a half, so watch it. Ray Lewis, one of the greatest inside linebackers in history, talks about what’s made him successful and set him apart: Effort.

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If you ask most people why they aren’t as successful as they’d like to be whether it’s business, fitness, relationships, or what-have-you, chances are you’ll get a variety of responses. The usual suspects something like:

-Not enough time/money/help
-Bad luck
-No opportunity
-I’m too short/tall/skinny/fat

Those are BS. Those are all superficial things that either don’t actually matter or can be overcome.
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I was thinking the other day about the positive and negative attributes of my friends… Yes, I’m that guy.

My sociopathic behavior aside, it jumped out at me that one of my buddies possesses a great quality: He commits to action when he needs to and flows immediately from situation to decision.

He, like all of us, has his share of flaws and, like any good friend should, I inform him of them as frequently as possible. However, when the chips are down you can always count on him to do something.
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