The Number ONE Difference Between Us and Them


All around you there’s a conflict going on. I’m not talking about the wars, the protests, or the “movements” that the newscasters spend their time crowing about, filled with false dismay and barely-concealed glee. Such matters as these are the domain of nations and groups. Instead I’m talking about something far more subversive and inclusive to us all. I’m talking about a conflict within our society, and like it or not you’re smack dab in the middle of it. In fact, if I were to wager, as a reader of this site you’re very clearly on one side over the other.

I’ve seen the enemy – The Spineless. The Weak. The Push-overs. The Two-faced. The ones who stand in the shadows, living in fear or sniping at those who dare to be bold. I call this group of people “Invertebrates”.

You see, one of the coolest things about being human is that you have a backbone. It lets you stand up straight with your chest thrust out like a man. It allows you to shoulder a heavy load and move forward, manifesting the change you desire. It communicates the directions of your brain to your limbs and lends them strength to make action. The backbone is the conduit of your focus and the very foundation of your structure. It is simply the core of your being.

Too many of these Invertebrates are walking around with backbones that they don’t deserve. When faced with a challenge or put to a task they bend and fold their spine to get away. Rather than stand up for what they believe in with their shoulders set, hands at the ready, and head held high they seek instead to cower, grovel, and shrink, trading pride for the hope of safety.

They don’t deserve the spine they were given.

The issue is that their numbers are growing. As the welfare state increases the Invertebrates become more and more common. As our lives become more filled with conveniences and leisure their behavior is considered the norm. As we trade freedoms, personal responsibility, and our desire to improve ourselves, not just our standing, so to do their numbers grow.

Quite simply it’s time to take a stand.

So here’s my charge to you. You know who you are. You’re one of the ones who are different. One of the ones who show appreciation for the gift of internal support you’ve received, appreciation for that that piece of steel within you that holds your being upright:

Earn your spine. Every day. Don’t take it for granted.

How do I know about you? Because if this message is hitting home within you then you aren’t like the Invertebrates. You face challenges. You push forward when things are hard. You know that any great goal is accomplished by facing adversity and that things often look darkest right before success shines through.

You seek to develop your backbone, literally and figuratively, by building a strong back which holds up broad, thick shoulders that are capable of supporting whatever load life puts on them. You build your back and spine with every deadlift, swing, and pull up. You build it through every challenge faced, every corner fought out of, and every bitter wind stared down. You build it because something inside you tells you that it’s the right thing to do.

Sure, this process is almighty hard sometimes. But to you it’s not nearly as hard as it would be to look yourself in the mirror after you failed to pull your weight or get up after being knocked down. No, having to make that long, hard look is not for you. That’s for the Invertebrates

You, having earned the title of Vertebrate, can look down from your straightened position knowing that your posture and bearing are deserved. With the confident swing of your arms, your head held high, and your grace of focused movement you stand out from the crowd. No, you don’t fit in with the rest, and don’t feel bad if you don’t pay attention to them… They pay attention to you.

Earn your spine. Every day. Don’t take it for granted.

Welcome home, brother. This is a meeting ground for Vertebrates, where plain words of brutal honesty are spoken and indomitable spirit is forged alongside powerful arms, sturdy legs, and broad backs. Stick around, you’re in good company here.

Earn your spine. Every day. Don’t take it for granted.

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