A Look At My Goals – The Plan for Continued Awesomeness


A subject I preach about over and over is setting and accomplishing goals. In my mind, if a man doesn’t know what he’s trying to accomplish then he has almost no chance of truly accomplishing much of anything noteworthy. If you can’t do something noteworthy, then are you really living your life to its full potential?

It’s not just about setting concrete goals, though. If you don’t have the balls and staying power to overcome obstacles and crush the work required then there’s little chance of achieving the goal you’ve set, no matter how specific it is. Write that down, my friends, the secret of a great man’s life can be summed up in a couple of words: “Balls” and “Accomplishment”.

In light of that, one of the best ways to keep on task for a goal is to a) write it down, and b) grow a set of balls get it out to the world. Tell your friends, tell your spouse, tell the guy that hates you at work (that asshole will definitely keep up with your progress hoping to see you fail), or… tell the internet.

So to put my money where my Internet mouth is and also so you can see some of the craziness that I get up to in life, I’ve got a few of my personal goals to share today. I actually keep a running list of goals broken down into three categories: Short-term (three months or less, anything much under three months I consider to be more of a task than a goal), Mid-range (one year or less), and Long-term (several years or lifetime). Rather than post the entire list, especially since some are pretty personal, I’ll just drop some highlights.

Here’s my goals and my “why’s”.

Five Short-term (3 months or less) Goals

-Publish 3 blog posts per week for the next three months.
Writing is in my blood and I love it, but one of the things I’ve not done a great job with in regards to this blog is frequent and (semi) structured publishing. I more go on tears and then have longish periods of laxity. That’s probably fine, as it is my blog, but it sort of sucks for the people (you!) who read it and it shows that I’m not getting my priorities (again, you!) in line. So, for the next three months there will be at least three posts per week. I’ve already stoked up the Hate Furnace ™ and cooked up some killer content so stay tuned!

-Clean and Jerk 315. I came into the Olympic lifting world late and while I love it there are definitely some flaws in my technique. I have all the strength and speed necessary to hit this (very entry-level in the grand scheme of things) number but haven’t managed it yet. So within the next few months there will be more practice, hard work, and success. Why am I doing it? Because it’s a challenge and putting three plates over your head is awesome.

-Finish systematizing my schedule to allow maximum freedom. This is a PRIORITY. Part of living the lifestyle that I want means that I need to be able to have both hard work time and hard play time. As I’ve turned my life around and become more successful I’ve had some great opportunities presented to me. However, with great opportunity often comes great time sucks if you’re not careful. It’s pretty insidious how over-scheduling manages to creep up on you and it definitely has for me. The time has come to crack the whip and get my life and schedule back in order. A no-play Isaac is not fun and nobody likes that.

-Learn the 100 most common Spanish words – a la Tim Ferris. I have lots of awesome travel destinations coming up over the next few years and with those comes languages that I don’t speak. While I have no great desire to become fluent in ten languages, I do want to expand my mental horizons (and prove that I’m not entirely American-centric) by picking up another couple of languages. Spanish is supposed to be a pretty quick language to learn for a native English speaker and Tim’s method will be a great jumpstart for me. I’ll start here.

-Contribute 2% of my gross income to charity in a systematized fashion. The longer I’m around the more I realize that it’s not just about what you get out of life but what you can give back. I’ve been down and out and it sucks. People have helped me throughout my dark times and it is time to give back. While what I do every day helps people out, I’d like to branch out and start really contributing in some way to other groups. I have always been one to help here and there, but the time has come to systematize it. Over time this number will go up, but I have some more debt clearance I want to take care of first.

Five Mid-Range (1 year) Goals

-Bench Press a raw 405. While I’m built pretty well to squat and deadlift, my long arms make me a notoriously poor bench presser. Throw in that both of my shoulders have been dinged up pretty badly in years past and you’ve got my fairly shitty bench. Enough excuses. At my size and relative strength, I should be able to crush this weight. My all-time PR is 385, so it’s within reach.

-Learn basic blacksmithing. There’s something about a man working with his hands and bending hot iron to his will that’s both primal and useful. I spend all day forging bodies and have decided that I should learn the basics of iron.

-Visit friends in Norway and the Deep South. As we age and move around our friends come and go. Many people feel that it’s a sad thing that friends move away. While I certainly miss some of my friends, I view it as opportunities to see the awesome places that they now call home! So thank you, my friends, for creating the opportunity for visiting foreign countries (anyone that thinks the Deep South isn’t a foreign country has never been there).

-Have three income streams that can each support my life. I don’t talk a bunch about finances on this blog, but it’s a subject that matters to all of us. In our times things are shaky economically and we can no longer depend on working a simple job for the same company our entire career like many of our parents did. On the other hand, we’ve been given great opportunities to find our own path and hold our own financial destinies. In order to provide security and build the life I want I will build multiple, independent streams of income that can support me.

-Read 55 books. Reading makes you better. Watching television rarely does. While I like a good program as much as the next guy, I choose to spend most of my downtime improving myself. I’ve found that I usually take just over a week on average to read a book, so the time has come to prioritize my self-education and crush out a touch over a book a week.

Five Long-Term (lifetime) Goals:

-Help 5,000 people drastically improve their lives. I help people live the life they dream of. Seriously, that’s my job description. I’m one person and unlike some others who just like to broadcast messages and maybe help some people through that (nothing wrong with it), I like to personally help people. My mission is to make sure that I have personal interaction and service with lots of people, but I’ll take fewer people who I help a lot over millions of people that I help a little. I also figure that if I can help 5,000 then probably I can get away with my karmic indiscretions… I kid, I kid!

-Take a one-month road trip around the United States. “Road trippin’ with my favorite allies” – The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This one has been a dream of mine for a long time. The U.S. is a cool place with lots of awesome little roadside oddities that you never hear about. Soon I’m going to grab some buddies, a van, and rock out a month-long drive over the back roads exploring them.

-Total Elite in Powerlifting (Raw) as a 275. My physical development and sporting goals are at this point geared towards health and maximal strength (not always convergent goals). As such, I’ve decided that while I have no problem with geared lifting (and will probably do some more in the future), I believe the best test for me is simply me versus the weight. As a 275 I need to hit a total of 1654, which will be something like a 700 deadlift, 625 squat, and 405 bench to be comfortable, and those numbers are totally reachable.

-Become and remain debt free. In regards to my three income stream goal, I feel that any debt is a risk on my long-term security and a brake on the engine of my life. I’ve come a long way in clearing debt from my youth, but a little remains (damn student loans) and it’s time for it to be gone.

-Earn my Ph.D. I love business and I love training, but I also love the academic world as teaching is one my great pleasures. Earning my Ph.D has always been a goal of mine and it’s something that I will make happen. Plus, “Dr. Wilkins” has a nice tail-grabbing ring to it, don’t you think?

A man will not improve if he doesn’t set goals and achieve them. Drop a note below and tell me a few of your goals and how you’re going to make’em happen!

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January 3, 2012

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August 3, 2011

David Piersol @ 9:56 pm #

I’d like to eventually total elite raw in whichever weight class I’d be in, and intend to get there by lifting as hard as I can for years until I do.

August 5, 2011

Shane Doll @ 12:31 pm #

Isaac, love the post brother. Great blog as well. Didn’t know you had this one. I’ll be back for sure. I commend you for posting your goals out there in public and have no doubts you’ll make it happen. You’ve got the right attitude. Things are going well down in Charleston. Just doing my entrepreneur thing as well and working on building the training studio. Best of luck with everything and keep plugging away. Take it easy- Shane

Isaac @ 1:27 pm #

David: Awesome, man. Keep crushing and you’ll get there. At your height it’ll be at least a 242, probably a 275.

Shane: Hey man, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I’ve pretty well made the transition to this blog as it’s a little more “me”. Drop any input you’ve got.

Keep making huge steps on the studio, like I know you do. Next time I’m in the Chuck I’ll drop you a line and swing by. Cheers!


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