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Those who know me can attest that I spend a lot of time pinching my nose between pages, and as such I’m asked reasonably often about the books that I read. While I love books (I had an ex that thought that the funniest answer I’d ever given to a survey question regarding my favorite childhood toy was “books”) and would recommend that you read any you can get your hands on, there are a few that I consider “essential”.

Steven Pressfield is a generally a historical fiction author but more than that he’s a student of the process of writing and creation. His fiction is quite good, but it’s his advice for the aspiring creator (author, artist, singer, whatever) that is truly special.
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This past Saturday I had kind of a “Dump Day”. Basically that’s a term (shamelessly stolen from Paul Reddick) I use when referring to scheduling a day to run around and get all errands done so that your other days can be put to productive use. Actually, I should probably write a post on the art of the Dump Day (*tucks that one away for the future*), but today is not that day.

So I slept in all the way until about 6:30 on Saturday and then started cranking. I got some laundry going, wrote a little bit, read some articles, and just basically decompressed from the week. Once it got close to business hours I started the Dump Day activities: Haircut, oil change in the truck, Dick’s, and grocery shopping. Basically, I was one domestic sonofabitch.
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As you cruise around the internet you’ll come across a variety of training systems that all claim to be The One. A handful of the ones you’ll probably run across are DC Training, Westside, Crossfit, 5/3/1, p90X, Linear Periodization (ha!), and “High Intensity Training”, or HIT. I’m thinking about doing a series addressing all of these training programs (let me know if that sounds interesting), but since I recently ran across some “HIT Jedi’s”, as they’re known in the internet-training sphere for their at times fanatically faith-based training programs, I’ll start there.
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All of my clients know that one of my favorite training tools is the simple sandbag. It’s dynamic load is murder on the stabilizers, grip, and upper back while building athleticism, conditioning, and comfort in uncomfortable positions. It’s a fantastic way to teach the body to take the pure strength built with the barbells and transfer it to more “real world” athletics.

We use the CRAP out of them at Relentless.

And since they’re easy and cheap to make I think that everyone should have a couple in their home gym.

To get you started, here’s a couple of vids I shot a while back that detail two basic sandbag exercises: The Clean and basic Shouldering.
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