December 2012 Archives


The end of a year brings about a natural period of reflection and introspection. Depending on how the past year went it also can bring a flash of optimism, satisfaction, relief, soothing nostalgia, or self-loathing. As I sit here at my warm, dry desk on the final weekend of 2012, listening to Nirvana, and watching a light snowstorm coming down out the window to my right I’m feeling a little bit of all of those things.

Which must mean that it’s been a pretty successful year, as those feelings tend only to come from action and change.

2012 was one of the most intense years of my life. I’ve grown and changed in ways that I would have found unbelievable twelve short months ago. I’ve had terrific ups and equally-crushing downs, both professionally and personally. I’m staring at the last wisps of December from the eyes of ten times the man that looked into the preceding January.
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