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I’m shamelessly stealing this idea from my fellow strength coach Matt Lawrence of Ironman Fitness (Check him out):

As of this Tuesday, October 2nd there will be 90 days left in this calendar year.

90 days is plenty of time to make some real, honest changes in your life. By taking it one day at a time you use small steps to add up to big results.

Here are some ideas:
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In addition to training athletes, I have a strong and rock star clientele of hard-charging, aggressive, focused adults. You, as a reader of this blog and a fitness enthusiast (unless you’re totally lost and ended up here looking for pictures of a baby chick in a sandwich bun, in which case: Welcome!) probably fall into that category.

I love working with people like you, because you get it. No matter where you start, you know that progress comes through focus and determination. You also don’t whine, cry, or back down from challenges. My in-gym adults are the same way. Like I said, I have an awesome group of both online and in-gym clients. There’s no room for whiny bitches here.

With this type of person comes some challenges, though. If you’re focused and aggressive in the gym while also seeking expert guidance and training, chances are you’re focused and aggressive OUTSIDE of the gym, too. As such, I train a lot of lawyers, doctors, CEO’s, law enforcement, etc. These people don’t work generic 9-5’s where they punch a time clock, work out, then go home. Most of these people would be chewing on the door frames if they had to do that. Nope, they grab life, and life gets in the way CONSTANTLY.
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So I’ve been pretty quiet on this site for a while. As I’ve mentioned, I opened up my own training facility and needless to say, that’s kept me pretty busy! Overall, I’m excited for the new opportunity and things are going really, really well. That’s in no small part due to the support I’ve received from a lot of you readers, people I’ve met through the business, and my amazing clients, friends, and family. I’m pretty blessed to have such awesome people in my life.

Ok, now that the nicey-nice stuff is out of the way, I can go back to being my usual acerbic self.

So yeah, I finally did it. After much prodding from my friends, clients, and mentors I saw an opportunity, and realized I’d been not following my own advice by trying to straddle two worlds. I reached down, grabbed my testosterone parts with both hands, and put my shingle out there. Relentless Strength Training officially has a home now. And to the three people I can think of who told me for years that I should “just be a writer because you’ll never own your own facility”: Suck it.

So everything is rosy, right?

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One of the great things about being a part of the strength and conditioning community is the ability to connect with other coaches and athletes to bounce ideas off of. There’s some awesome people to be found who really share my mindset: Throwing down and making their athletes better. I was able to catch up with one of the young guys I really like in the business and got him to answer some questions for you, my readers.

As you know, I have a pretty solid bullshit detector and I can’t stand the “Internet Coaches” who don’t train anyone but spout ideas. Being an academic is great, but be honest about that. I’ve had the opportunity to both train with Joe and to (more importantly) watch him train athletes several times during my visits to the Underground and there’s no question that he knows and does what he talks about.

All right, without wasting any more time, let’s here what “Coach Megz” has to say!
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I get a lot of questions over the day and one that comes up fairly regularly is “how often should I deadlift?”. Well, the short and unsatisfying answer is like everything else in life: “It depends.”

There are a variety of factors that are going to have to be considered, such as:
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In the animal world, there’s a natural order of things. Animals are put in basic classes based largely on what they eat and how they do it.

In general it goes a little something like this:
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I’m back with another round of interview questions with Coach Joe Meglio, head coach at the Underground Gym in Edison, NJ, and one of the top rising stars of the fitness industry. If you missed the first interview, make SURE you check it out here.

All right, let’s get right into it!
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