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Gain muscle and strength fastEveryone wants to get stronger. Everyone loves quick tips. So here’s 10 of them. I’m going to expand on some of these in further posts, but until then take some initiative and implement them into your program where they fit!
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I just had lunch at one of my favorite local restaurants, Miguel’s, which is a killer Mexican place here in Bangor. In addition to the usual Mexican restaurant stuff they serve a Paleo menu (love the cauli-rice), a great steak, and locally grown, organic greens. That and they actually grow their own peppers and tomatoes for salsa on the roof!

Combine that with great staff and you’ve got a pretty awesome place. If you’re one of the lucky few to attend Elliot Hulse’s Northeast seminar, here in Bangor, then you might get a chance to try it… *hint hint*

Anyway, so I’m at a booth on the bar side, enjoying my steak (and yes, a beer) with my notebook and smart phone out trying to get some work done (think of it as a “mini-working-vacation”) and there’s this guy at the bar chatting up a stranger.

And he’s got problems.
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One of the most common stumbling blocks for people is that they get caught up in the process of everything, rather than the actual achievement of a goal. I’m watching it happen right now to one of my friends. He has a very concrete goal. In this case it’s weight loss and there’s not much easier to measure success on that weight loss. You have a scale, time, and an end number. As time goes on, is the scale getting closer to the end number, or not?

In this case… not. I believe that for the most part he wants to achieve his goal. He has the knowledge to do it. He has extraordinary social support AND social obligation. And yet he’s not really been making much progress, despite “doing the right things”.
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how to get strongerA couple of weeks ago I dropped five tips on how to get stronger on you. As promised, I’m back with five more. Without more preamble, here’s five ways you can start crushing more weight, building more muscle, losing more fat, and taking the next step to monster!
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