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A challenge that my clients, myself, and lots of other people deal with frequently is lack of focus. This happens a lot before doing work you’ve been trying to avoid, a particularly important performance, or even just throughout the day. While it’s easy to say “just focus”, putting the “just focus” advice into practice is not always achievable.
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Hey! Nothing fancy today, I’m just dropping a note to crow a little bit:

Eric Rokeach and Greg Justice of Fitness Business Interviews have organized a competition for the title of Fitness Industry Rising Star and I have been nominated as one of the top 55 Rising Stars!

I’m flattered and humbled, to be honest. There’s no way I’d be here if it wasn’t for you all reading my stuff and helping me every step of the way. So thanks!

There’s a voting competition on Tuesday, September 13th. Go ahead and check out all of the awesome fitness pros that I have the honor to rub shoulders with and please vote away (for me, of course!)!

Fitness Industry Rising Star 2011 Competition

From Vern Hart on Flickr. Awesome, and a little creepy.


I hope you had a good weekend, I know I did. The college football season has started, and this past Saturday saw wins by Michigan, Nebraska, and ‘Bama, so I’ve been pretty well residing in my Happy Place since then…
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The facility that I primarily run my business out of has just had some of its members finish their first three months. All of the dedicated members who show up regularly and throw down have made progress. Some have made far better progress than others, which is normal given that they all showed up at various states of fitness. That’s not the end of the story, though.

While I celebrate those who’ve made great changes to their physique and athleticism what’s really interesting to see is the ones that haven’t. By and large everyone has become stronger, faster, and more mobile. This is a result of their training. Many have gained a little muscle mass (the program run there isn’t known for large amounts of hypertrophy), but dropped a ton of fat. This is good. However, there are some who haven’t really seen any appreciable change in their physique over the past three months.
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First of all, before I get to today’s Make It Happen Monday, I want to thank you all for voting in the 2011 Rising Stars of the Fitness Industry contest! Thanks to you all I placed in the top 25! I’m humbled, honored, and thankful for all of your support!

Thanks again, and on to today’s lesson!
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There’s a situation that I’m seeing a lot of and quite frankly, it’s frustrating to me. I see it happening in the gym. I see it when I talk to people on the street. *****Ok, I don’t actually talk to people on the street because I’m kind of jerky, but I talk to people at various places throughout my day***** I definitely see it happen online.

I’m talking about a HUGE disparity between what people profess that they want to achieve and their actual day-to-day behaviors. I just don’t get it.
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