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One of the members of the HTKA community just launched his first blog post today and in it talked about taking action and finding success regardless of those who may speak against you. I commented on the post, as you’ll see, adding that in addition to leaving those who try to drag you down behind then you also need to seek out those who do have a congruent mindset.
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In the sports world (and thus the performance training world) speed is king. If all other qualities are equal, speed is going to win out, and to be honest, speed can make up for a lot of other deficiencies on the playing field. I’ve seen athletes and teams that were far less technically sound beat better teams just through out-quicking them. Becoming faster will make you a better athlete, period.

And what if you’re not a competitive athlete? Who cares how fast you are if you’re riding a desk and the only competitive thing you’ve got going on is your Fantasy Baseball draft? If you’re smart, you do! Being fast will make you more athletic in your own workouts or rec league, help improve your physique, establish that confidence that comes from knowing you’re the burner in the room, and plus it’s damn cool. How many times have you heard someone say: “Yeah, he’d be that much more awesome if only he was a bit slower“? Right.
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Ok, so that’s a pretty loaded title for Make It Happen Monday but what I want to talk about today is becoming a lost art. There’s an old saying that goes to the effect of “you were given two ears and one mouth, and you should use them in that order”. Most everyone has heard this saying before, but how many people really apply it? It seems that the ears are getting lost in the flapping of everyone’s mouths.
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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and researching into the act and art of outstanding coaching lately. You see, that’s the difference between a decent personal trainer and a great performance coach: The “Coach” title. My objective in my field is to not only maximize my clients’ response to training itself but to enhance their lives and overall “game”, whether that’s football, track, martial arts, or being awesome at life.
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I don’t watch a whole lot of television, but last night after the monster Easter feast I sort of plunked down in front of the tube, three-quarters asleep, and zoned out for a while. After a little bit of channel surfing in my carb-induced stupor I came on one of these entrepreneurial shows that sort of caught my interest.

Chef Bobby Flay, of Food Network fame, has apparently got some sort of reality/competition show (Google tells me that it’s fittingly titled: “America’s Next Great Restaurant”) that takes entrepreneurs in the food business and puts them through a variety of challenges, with the winner earning a restaurant chain.

Given that I’m a fan of both food and business, as well as having worked in the bar industry for a long time, this actually kept my attention.
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