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The other night I found myself sitting at the back table of a surprisingly-good-for-a-small-city Irish pub sharing a couple of Murphy’s and some good conversation with one of my old friends from grad school.

As a bit of background, “Big N” and I met while working a summer job where we both played the black sheep and bonded over the obvious fact that we were the two guys who were known for taking action and getting things done rather than simply “playing the game”. We see eye to eye on a lot of life philosophies and he’s one my favorite people to bounce ideas off of as, while he can be somewhat unorthodox in his approach, he has an uncanny ability to see through problems and reach a solution.
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This weekend I had the opportunity to speak as an alumni and guest panel member at the 2011 HTKA Seminar in Red Bank, New Jersey. I’ve written about the How To Kick Ass Brotherhood, started by Paul Reddick and Zach Even-esh, before and I credit them to really helping me change my life.

As usual, I had a blast and it was great to meet the new brothers of the HTKA fraternity. I was able to both give and receive a lot of advice throughout the course of the weekend and something really struck me on the second day. We were talking about how the HTKA is an ongoing community where even after the seminar we continue to keep in touch and help each other out with advice, referrals, and usually lots of off-color jokes.

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While every guy seems to care only about building a big chest and arms when he hits the gym there’s very few achievements more visually impressive than a big back. Have a wide, thick back will add depth to your physique, widen you out, and give you more of a presence when you walk into the room. Not only does having a well-developed back look bad-ass as hell, but it also increases your stability on all of your lifts, improves your posture (which makes you look taller and more dominant), and keeps your shoulders healthy. All of these add up to mean that you need to be putting some serious effort into building up your back!

All of my clients develop a bad-ass back very early in their training with me because I feel that it is one of the biggest keys to success in lifting. If they’ve got a big, strong back then they can learn and develop all of the other stuff much faster because they’re starting from a secure launch pad.
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Like pretty much everyone in America I was floating around Facebook the other day and a group title flashed up on my newsfeed. This group was titled “Inside Every Old Person Is a Younger Person Wondering What the Fuck Happened“. At first I kind of chuckled as it was a bit of a funny title, but then I let what the words meant sink in and really started to think on their meaning. The more I thought about it the more and more I felt my blood pressure rising. I was literally sitting there in the office, fingers on keys not typing, with a whole gym going on around me, and getting mad as hell. We’re talking I was heated after a few minutes!
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I’ve written about this before, but I feel that it bears repeating every once in a while because people seem to be afraid to do it. I’m talking about taking the brakes off and cutting the drag lines out of your life. Whether these things that are dragging you down happen to be people, a situation, an item, unnecessary debt, or whatever, it doesn’t matter. If something ruins your day, then it flat-out needs to go.
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One of the things that I’ve preached a lot and we’ve done in the HTKA group is creating a target to hit. Whether that target is financial, physical, tangible, or an “ideal lifestyle”, if makes it much easier to visualize, focus on, and reach when you’ve got a concrete idea of what it is. Makes sense, right?
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