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I was having dinner and a drink last week with a beautiful and talented (I know she reads this blog and I’m not stupid) female friend. Over the course of the evening we talked about a variety of topics and at one point the conversation turned briefly to her recently-ended relationship.
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I don’t know how many of you have seen the new Onion News Network stuff, but it’s a freaking riot. They’re doing a great job with it.

This little gem came across my path yesterday and I have to share it because it’s totally true. Comedy has long been a great vehicle for talking about serious topics and I can think of no more serious topic than how you lead your life and what you do with your opportunities.
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When it comes to making progress and crafting your life there are always some stumbling blocks along the way. Other than just pure fear of taking action, there’s one in particular that seems to hang people up, but in fact is just about the lamest excuse out there: Lack of Knowledge.

How often do you hear some guy say “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how”? What he’s really saying is “I’d like to do XXXXXX, but I don’t know how and I’m too lazy to find out and then I’ll be out a convenient excuse for my inaction”.

If you’re using the “don’t know how” excuse to explain why you’re not doing something then all you’re doing is lying to yourself and the people you’re feeding that line to, plain and simple.

Well, I’m going to pull the bullshit rug out from underneath you and give you some quick-start tips on acquiring the know-how you need.
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There’s a lot that goes into being a man in today’s society and being good at it. If you’re really trying to maximize your potential in life (and if you’re not, then why are you here?) then you should be consistently growing in all areas of your life. You should be learning and improving your mind regularly. You should be examining your life and your ideals and further defining yourself. And you should be developing the strongest, fittest body that you can.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but if strength training isn’t a fixture in your life then here are some things to think about:
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Ok, there’s something that you’ve been wrestling with for a while now. You’ve done your research. You’ve weighed your options. You’ve made your list of pros and cons.
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Every so often I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about some of the stuff I’m doing with my clients that is providing ass-kicking results. I’m going to call it “Notes From the Field” as that’s truly what these articles are. They’re not designed to be some great scientific or theoretical discussion about the degrees of elbow flexion or the exact second to dose peri-workout nutrition.

All that stuff is well and good, but it rarely translates to the field.

The things I’m going to talk about are working. Sometimes they’re going to fly in the face of “conventional wisdom” or the latest, newest theory that all of the “experts” are doing. That’s fine. I know my clients are getting stronger, faster, setting records, and looking better than ever.

Here’s a sneak peak into what we’re doing.
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This weekend I sat down and went through one of my simultaneously favorite and most hated exercises: I asked myself the tough questions.

Before I get into the questions themselves, I want to talk a little bit about complacency.
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