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Man, let me tell you what. I just got back from a life-changing weekend on the Jersey Shore. No, I didn’t party with Snookie, as life-changing as that might have been. Instead I was at an ocean-front resort locked in a conference room for two days with about 30 of the best veteran and up-and-coming fitness professionals in the business. We were getting some knowledge bombs dropped on us from Paul Reddick and Zach Even-esh, learning about lifestyle design, business, and in general how to kick tail at what was appropriately titled the “How To Kick Ass” seminar (HTKA).

Now, most of what we went over is off-limits to share. This was a no-recording, closed-door event and as they say “What happens on the Shore, stays on the Shore”. But I did make some observations that will help you guys take your game to the next level and crush it. I want to share those with you.
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Every once in a while you’ll see trainers like me come up with a “XX Mistakes Guys Make In the Gym” article. They’re usually fun and informative, plus if you’ve spent any time in a gym you’ll soon realize that there’s a never-ending supply of fodder for these articles.

So, in light of some of the stuff I’ve seen today in the gym, I’m going to throw one of those articles at you. This one is going to go a little different, though. We’re going to talk about the biggest real problem (ie not talking too damn much to HGOT (Hot Girl On Treadmill) instead of working out) that I see derail the best efforts of most guys when it comes to training.
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Teddy R. No stranger to kicking ass.

In the interest of kicking some ass (remember, I just got re-educated in the field), I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been doing daily with (nearly) religious adherence that have contributed to some asskicking.

None of these things take long, and they’re each going to do what you need to do: Put you one step further ahead.
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Today I’m going to give you a simple and effective tool that you can use to increase your productivity, improve your mood, stop procrastination, crush confusion, and bring you closer to your goals. I adapted this idea from one of Paul Reddick’s tips and ran with it to create my own success object. I call it a “Vision Board”. I spoke a bit about creating a vision board briefly in my post 5 Ways to Kick Ass Every Day, and I received some emails that prompted me to go into more detail, so here you go.
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No matter what a stripper tells you, there’s NO sex in the champagne room.

As many very disappointed young men will tell you, Chris Rock’s words are pure, golden truth. I, of course, couldn’t tell you from experience or anything like that. I’ve only heard things… from people… and stuff.

Moving on… Another sad truth is that the fitness and supplement industry is very similar to the adult “recreational” industry. Both are full of lots of pretty and shiny things, airbrushing, augmentation, and false promises. And hell, both have midgets.

And remember, in both cases, despite what a stripper (fitness “expert”/supplement salesman) tells you, there’s no sex (results) in the Champagne Room.
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